Fully Loaded Chew Testimonials & Reviews

Here's what everyday folks have to say about Fully Loaded Chew:

...just cracked my first can of mint threw a hammer in not knowing what to expect, product is on point. 100% will be ordering more you guys nailed it with this stuff. Thank you!

Justin, November 2018

Just got my can in the mail today and with it being my very 1st time trying to I have to truthfully say loving the taste

Christopher, October 2018

So i ordered two peach tins to start...

Flavor: This Tobacco Free chew has had by far the best and most accurate flavor,

First Dip: It was smooth flavorful and lasted quite a while. For a fine cut it held together quite well.

Overall i loved it the smell taste and texture and cut all amazing I hope they come out with a long cut, but still i will be a return customer... I messaged them to thank them for the product and got an instant response most companies dont do that. Quick and easy shipping and ordering. This company deserves all the customers they can get and thats a rare thing to hear.

Randy, October 2018

Bought my first can yesterday. Wintergreen. I love it. Ordered mint, peach, and berry today.

Eric, September 2018

...was a little hesitant to try the Fully Loaded Chew, based on other non tobacco chew experiences. After five dips of FL... Very impressed with it all around!

Jessica, September 2018

This product is great!! I would recommend it to every chewer out there!

Tanker, September 2018

This is one of the best dips I've ever had... It packs great, the flavor is on point. It has great juice texture and spits real nice like. I think I'll be a permanent customer from here on out. Y'all keep it up.

–Ryan, July 2018

Good product!

Scott, June 2018

Alright you guys... order came in. And we need to have a talk

Your guys product is exactly what us Canadian dippers have been waiting for. From the label open, pack and spit this product is unbelievable. You guys have done something amazing for us boys in the north and we kindly thank you.

I will be a customer for life.

I can't thank you guys enough. My hat is off to everyone involved in this. Gonna enjoy staying Fully Loaded.

–Renyard, June 2018

So I just got the wintergreen on Saturday and LOVE IT! Flavor is great, doesn’t have that intense “other” taste that over powers what it says it tastes like. Can’t wait until mint has this great taste as well. Once that happens I’m a life long “fully loader”

Thank you again for this product.

–Hayden, June 2018

My order has been delivered and thank you! I ordered it on Friday after 4 pm and it was here at my house before 12 noon on Monday and I have already put a pinch in and I love it thank you guys again you have already showed me your loyalty to your customers! Thank you again,

Gary, May 2018

This is by far the best... good flavor fresh and moist.

Jay, April 2018

Just got my first can yesterday. Had to order 5 more this is some good stuff. Thanks

Marc, April 2018

Absolutely love this product, has a great taste and the price point is awesome.

Trey, April 2018

Hey I just wanted to let you guys know how thoroughly impressed I am with your product. I couldn’t be happier! The way it packs, burns the look... you name it. You definitely have a return customer... Thanks!

Bernardi, April 2018

Well let me just tell ya, I packed A Nice size Hamma, let it slowly soak for a minute and said Holy Shit the Flavor of this Batch is just spot on! ... You Guys are like Friggen whiskey or wine! Ya just keep getting better with Age! Please keep up the Good Work! I just Friggen Love this Stuff! If it gets any Better God’s just gonna keep it For himself! Gonna place another order at the end of this week and if I can help you further in anyway, please let me know. Thanks

Geno, March 2018

Just now got my 6 cans in the mail. About to order 6 more so I don't run out. All I can say is wow... way better than Smokey Mountain.

Dennis, NC, January 11, 2018

Greatest chew I’ve had in 32 years. Keep up the great work boys!

Dylan, OH, December 14, 2017